VOTE today!

Assuming you have not sent in an absentee ballot or voted early in your state, PLEASE be sure to go and vote today. This is a crucial election and every voice needs to be heard. I have been very quiet about politics on my blog. I will never tell you who to vote for, just to be sure to vote in general.

With that said I have now officially done my part and went with both of my boys to vote this morning. The lines here were steady at 8:20, but not too bad. Do not let lines scare you away. Budget time and try to go at more off hours. 

C'est Moi - I voted make sure you do!

Now I can sit back and wait to watch how things turn out this evening. Plus it will be interesting to watch things unfold over the next few months as new President and his group transition over . . . whichever candidate it shall be.

Again, please do the right thing and VOTE today!


NaBloPoMo '08

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