Cakes or cupcakes…that is the question

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 Aloha Friday by Kailani at An Island Life

Aloha #25

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My question for this week:

Do you prefer making cakes or cupcakes? Why do you like one over the other and what is your favorite cake/cupcake to make?

For the last year or so I have been VERY into baking and decorating cupcakes. Of course, it is not limited to traditional cupcakes. Since we bought silicone cupcake holders we have been using them to make muffins, mini cakes, and more! Here are some that I made for the Election Day bake sale at NHL’s school: 

Mini pumpkin chocolate chip cakes

For Thanksgiving I experimented with a favorite recipe. I took the fruit swirl cake that I love and made mini ones again. Here they are below with hubby’s peanut butter cookies.

Mini fruit swirl cakes

Just a reminder to think outside of the box for your holiday baking!


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  • Dee says:

    umm…i like both! I prefer a cookie cake b/c i like it better! :)

  • Cupcakes all the way! Cake can sit around my house for weeks, cupcakes are usually gone in a day.

  • Nina says:

    I tend to bake cakes over cup cakes. I like to bake but just don’t have the time so the cakes are much easier.

    Since you like to bake, do you have any recommendations for cookies. I have a cookie exchange party on Sunday and I need some ideas.

  • Amy-Happy Momma says:

    I do not do a lot of baking and am not sure that I prefer one over the other. I would however most likely make cupcakes since they are “premade” servings and can go further.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Camille says:

    I like both! It just depends on the occasion – cakes usually for dinner party type get-togethers but CUPCAKES for everything else! They are cute and tasty and who doesnt like a cupcake? plus, they are mobile – no plate required :)

  • HeatherY says:

    I actually like them both! It depends on my mood! Cupcakes make me feel less guilty for eating them and they are great for kids!

  • Janet F says:

    I love both.

    I don’t bake very much.

    I buy cakes and cupcakes from the bakery.

  • Sues2u2 says:

    I do both too because I love to decorate them. Lots of fun.

  • sagemom says:

    Cakes…but I love eating them both =)

  • Pegsy says:

    I’ve never thought about that before! I think I would have to say that I like cake better. Cupcakes tend to be a little messy and the part I dislike the most is the tedency to get frosting on your nose! And they’re more time consuming to bake and frost! Poor cupcakes… I don’t make cake very often, but chocolate would be my favourite flavour!

  • Tena says:

    I can NOT bake!! I can cook a mean meal, just don’t ask me to bake!
    Also this question is mean, I don’t care how I eat my cake, what shape it comes in, just hand over the cake! I think my favorite is red velet, but again doesn’ t matter just hand it over, lol!

  • Jennifer says:

    I all ways make the cakes, why my husband:)

  • Perspective says:

    Making? As in baking?? Whoa! I prefer eating cakes. Eating half of an angel food cake (my favorite) does not look as piggish as eating 12 cupcakes. :) (Actually, I prefer baking pies. And one of my favorites is sourcream raisin.)

  • Tara says:

    I love both..but I usually end up making cakes. I don’t know why lol

  • sheila says:

    I like making both, but when I make cupcakes, I like to make them in icecream cones and then when they’re frosted they look like real icecream cones rather than cupcakes.

  • I looove cupcakes! I don’t make them very often but I do buy them a lot. :-D