Yet another year older

It is official, I am now a year older.  Wow, time sure goes by quickly! It is still hard to believe some days that I am married, have two little boys, and am not a kid anymore. I know I will always be a kid at heart, but man the body reminds on occasion that it is getting older.

I really need to find some of my baby photos to scan and show someday, but I do not have any today. For now I have a few from my childhood that are here to share.

Here I am with my favorite amphibian pal showing how rough the 70’s really were in furnishings. 

Baby moi and Kermit

This is me at about the same age as NHL. During this time I refused to wear anything but a dress or skirt. There is a story behind that for another day. 

Oh my look at those bangs

Here I am in my Girl Scout uniform 23 years ago. Yikes, hard to believe it was actually 23 years ago! I believe this would also be around the time that I ditched bangs forever. 

Wearing my Brownie uniform

Thank you to my mother and father for making my birthday possible (*wink* *wink*). Mom, I am SO glad that you questioned the doctor about my position and opted for the c-section after they gave you a really stupid choice.

To my boys, thank you for all of the cards and hugs this morning. It was so cute how NHL remembered that it was Tuesday and Mommy’s birthday. I love you all and am so glad that I am older more mature (most days at least) and have all of you in my world.



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