A Day of Hope and Change

Two years of campaigning by many candidates is now over and done with. The memories of the other men and women, the mud slinging, the constant television ads,  and everything else that we witnessed during that time will soon be a distant memory.

Today all eyes will be on the inauguration of Barack Obama as he becomes the  44th President of the United States.

Everyone in the world will be listening to see what President Obama has to say during his inauguration speech. All of us, no matter what our political beliefs are hoping that he will bring positive change and restore hope to our country. So many negative issues face people within the United States today. Now, we need to watch and see how  the Obama  administration works to fix the mess that is our reality.

Change is not easy, and it does not come quickly. Americans need to remember that it took many years to get into the current situation, and it will take time to resolve it.

Best wishes to Barack Obama as he enters the hardest job in the world. A thankless task is ahead of him and we all hope he will be the answer that our country so desperately needs for many reasons. 


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