100th Day of Kindergarten

If you are a parent of an elementary school child you have probably done a project for the 100th day of school in recent days. Prior to winter break, NHL came home with an assignment to make something to bring in for the 100th Day of school. The instructions were simple. The project had to contain 100 of an item in a creative way. Not too hard and something we could easily do over the vacation time at home.

We went to the local craft store and showed NHL different options to use for the 100 items. He immediately wanted to use googlie eyes. We gave him the choice of a few different types that would work nicely. He selected flaming neon colored eyes. Then we looked at some options to put the eyes on. The store had a lot of fun foam shapes. One of them looked like a megaphone. it was a great shape and large enough to hold 100 eyes on it. NHL liked the idea. So we selected a black one to contrast the neon colors and picked up some double sided crafting tape to put the eye balls on. Gluing 100 of those little guys seemed like overkill.

Saturday morning we sat down at the dining room table. NHL counted out 100 eyes from the packages. He did groups of 10 and then told me he was finished. At that point he handed them to me to cut pieces of the sticker like tape. Once that was done he placed them all over the foam shape. When we were finished NHL liked the idea of adding the number 100 and his name and 2009 on the foam with fabric paint. I helped him with this and we set it to dry.

Here is what it looked like when finished:

100 Day project 2009

The project went into school Monday, but they share it with the class today. This is actually their 100th day of school when you factor in vacation and snow/ice days. They will have a celebration during the day. In addition to this the entire school is having an assembly that parents were invited to. The assembly is to celebrate Black History Month. NHL’s kidergarten class will be doing a little "play" about Mae Jemison who was the first African American woman into space. He had a pretty big line to memorize and is all set. Nana, JSL and I will be heading there this morning to watch.

So what have you done for 100th day of school projects with your child/children?


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  • YES! We did ours 2 weeks ago. First they had to decorate a paper bag vest with 100 items- we did playing cards. Then they had to bring 100 of any item, straws. And finally they had to bring 100 pieces of some kind of snack food, we did crackers.
    They had a parade wearing their vests and then they combined all the snack food and had a “100 Trail mix.” I counted to 100 by 10’s, 5′ and 1’s all week :)

  • Christina says:

    No more 100 day projects for me.It stops in the second grade.But the last one that Matthew made was a poster board with Cowboys and Indians.I was so sick with the glue fumes.I like Noah’s project.He did a really good job.

  • Karen says:

    That is so cool. Mine are still too young. I have a couple more years to go. It sounds like fun and I cannot wait.


  • RobMonroe says:

    Very cool idea. We’re on the young end of parenting for such a project, but I might suggest it as a summer project when my wife and daughter are home.

    Cool execution of the idea, too!

  • sheila says:

    very cool idea for a project. My kids never celebrated their 100th day. Huh.

  • Nancy says:

    Cute! But maybe a bit creepy ;)

    Alex’s 100th day was a couple of weeks ago, and he had to bring in 100 of something and they made the project at school. I would have liked to go to a craft store and get something more creative but that was the tail end of his HSP – the 100th day was his first day back after missing a week – so I picked up a bag of cotton balls.

    I went to his class to help that day and the kids had everything from Cheerios to a 100 piece puzzle to paper hearts. They did glue their items on and it took forever for the whole class to do it!

  • Kim says:

    I love it! The googly eyes definitely make it pop!

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