A Unique Birthday Gift

There have been many times that I wonder what to get someone for their birthday. Whether a family member, or a special friend I am often stumped. Many times, I give people photos of special memories, but would love to do more.


Thanks to Family Review Network, I recently had the opportunity to find out about a great new online gift option called LifeOnRecord.

Imagine making a unique birthday gift for someone in your life. The gift would be a CD with familiar voices of family and friends leaving birthday wishes or recalling a humorous story from the past. Thanks to LifeOnRecord, making this CD is now possible all within one convenient website.

I am currently in the process of using LifeOnRecord to make a special birthday gift for someone in my life. Detailed directions, along with fabulous suggestions, for using my account were sent to me.  A toll-free number has been set up for people to call in their messages. Upon calling in, everyone will hear a greeting from me asking them to leave a favorite story, memory, or wish. When the caller is finished, they also have an option to review what they recorded and re-record if they wish. As the coordinator of this memorable gift, I am able to sign into my account on LifeOnRecord to listen to all of the messages as they come in. Then I can toggle the order of the messages and how to put them on the final CD gift.

LifeOnRecord CD

Using LifeOnRecord is easy to do. Once you set everything up, you simply tell people what they need to do. Anyone can call the toll-free number when they have a free moment to record their message. The best part is the voices of friends and loved ones will convey their personality within a special CD gift.

Facts about LifeOnRecord:

  • Guests simply dial a toll-free number and leave a message.
  • Fast and convenient to use, compared to writing a memory for a person.
  • Callers can call in at their convenience and are not limited by their lphysical ocation.
  • Surprise gifts are easy to collaborate without the birthday person suspecting anything.
  • Flexible for coordinator to organize and play the stories and well-wishes over the internet, through iTunes, or download them to their MP3 player.
  • Present from the heart allows people to express emotion, thoughts, and feelings that are often not shared in other gifts.

I look forward to receiving recordings from people soon. We are still working on rounding everyone up to participate in the gift and explaining what they need to do.  I am sure that the recipient of this will cherish this memorable gift for years to come.




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  • QCMAMA says:

    That sounds really neat! I am going to have to go look into that. It would make a great gift for my grandmother i think. Thanks for telling me about it!

    QCMAMA’s last blog post..Tardy, Tardy