Afikomen fun time

Dear NHL and JSL,

Thank you both for being sources of joy and entertainment during the Passover Seders on Wednesday and Thursday night. It made Daddy and me smile seeing both of you enjoying yourselves with Nana, Papa and Aunt T. Of course, you were both extra busy with all of the special items that Aunt S and Uncle M sent for you to have during the Seder (photos of those coming later).

JSL, you wanted to do everything that your big brother was doing. If he closed his eyes while Daddy was hiding the Afikomen, you did the same thing (albeit while looking out the cracks in your fingers). You gobbled up gefilte fish and were not too interested in anything else until the goodies came out after dinner.

NHL you helped to read from the Haggadah and even sang part of the four questions in Hebrew. You were brave and tried the bitter herbs and kept trying to figure out when it was time to taste more of the traditional items from the Seder plate. 

Nana makes sure NHL does not look Trying to sneak a look

I love you both with all of my heart,




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