Matz- Oh Nuts!

We do not live in an area that has a lot of kosher for Passover food options. We pretty much have one main grocery store that has the largest selection of items. The problem with this is they often run out of food that people want early, or the cost is extremely high. Of course, we have the option to travel a few hours away to areas that have more kosher for Passover resources. With two little kids  travel is not always feasible.

Back in December I happened to catch a Tweet from @OhNuts about their Chanukah candy and options. It intrigued me greatly and I looked at things. They also had lots of goodies for Purim. JL and I both browsed the Oh Nuts! website a few weeks ago and were salivating at the amazing assortment of items that were kosher for Passover. Not only did they have nuts for Pesach, but they also had a large assortment of dried fruits, candies, and cakes/cookies that were all Kosher for Passover.

JL and I placed our order the weekend before Passover started. The following are the items that we ordered when they arrived two days later. 

Our Oh! Nuts order for Passover

We loved everything that we ordered. The dried apricots were so plump and juicy. The ones we can get here in containers are usually shriveled and hard to bite into. The three boys love the chocolate covered raisins and nonpareils.  The Elite Toffee was devoured by NHL while we went to shul over the holiday. The sugar free Must gum helped me to not miss my Extra gum quite so much. Around here we can only find  Bazooka gum with sugar, not friendly to those watching things and being kind to their teeth. Today the boys will probably have some of the mini chocolate bars with lunch. We also had to contact Oh! Nuts because of a slight mix up on our order. We did not technically order the Toffee that came. The customer service was amazing! They immediately saw the problem and told JL that they would send out the proper item that same day. Wednesday before the Seder the package arrived. Kuddos to Oh! Nuts for their great customer service.

For one of our Seders my grandmother sent a marble cake that she had ordered online. It was delicious and one would never know that it was for Pesach. We just found out that she ordered it from Oh! Nuts when she did a search online for another product. Now that we know this we will probably order some cakes  from there when Passover rolls around next year.

I also plan on ordering something that is not for Passover in the near future. Oh! Nuts has a candy that brings back fond memories of my childhood. They carry Swiss Petite Fruits that I used to get at Disney World when I was little. A treat that will bring back a little from my youth.


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