Grilling Goodness – Take 16



1. If you had 10 hours at home alone, what would you do? – What is time alone? I do not understand . . . seriously!  IF I ever had that much time alone I would probably sleep some, knit, and work out. Basically do things that are hard to do with all three boys around.

2. Do you have a fond memory of your dad? – Yes, it has been especially fun watching my father as a grandfather. He is much more relaxed and really plays with the kids. He was great when I was growing up, but more stressed with work and everything.

3. Do you prefer the pool or the beach? – Pool all the way. Not into dealing with sand or that many hours in the sun with dirty water.

4. What’s the furthest you’ve driven for one day of fun? – One day? Hmmm. . . for one night I have traveled 4-5 hours for a hockey game. Of course, this was before being married and having kids.

5. Solid, clear solid, clear gel or aerosol? Deodorant of choice, that is. – Since they no longer make my clear semi-solid –> I am forced to go with clear gel that is unscented.

6. Do you tan or burn/peel? – Thanks to putting a ton of sun lotion on I try not to let my extremely light red headed skin burn.

7. What’s your favorite pasta-based meal? – Veggie lasagna with lots of vegetables in it. You know, so little pasta is actually involved.

8. Do you wax or pluck your eyebrows? – Just had my eyes waxed after a long hiatus (having kids with me all the time makes it tough). Please note I will never have them threaded again – OUCH!

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