Dinosaur camp graduate

Dear NHL,

This week you went to camp for the first time. Nana and Papa decided to give you a week at camp and you help us to pick Dinosaur Discovery. It was only fitting that you selected this after you loved Walking with Dinosaurs. The first afternoon there you were not too sure about things. I could understand since it was a large group mostly boys that were older and quite rowdy. Still you left me and then Daddy picked you up on his way home from work. I was thrilled to hear that you loved it! All night long you talked about going back the next day. Each day you were more excited about the next. Tuesday you made a dinosaur mask and claws to match.

Look who is a dinosaur now

Your favorite day seemed to be  Wednesday when you made dinosaur eggs. When your egg came home that afternoon, you were beaming with pride.

Handmade dinosaur egg

You did so many fun projects and learned a lot about camp life in a few short hours over the week. I can not wait for your next camp adventure in a little over a week. For now I hope you rest up since you were so exhausted last night.

Tired camper




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