New circular adventure

Are you able to identify what the photo below this is?

40 DW Cloths ready to go

Any ideas?  Really, I would love to know if you can guess. Here is another view: 

Pile of knit cloths

Obviously, they are knitted washcloths that I have made. If you go deeper, they show my fear to try new and exciting knitting projects. Basically, I like mindless knitting to relieve stress and I have latched onto this DW Cloth pattern. The photos are the 40 that are currently made and in storage. This 40 does not includes dozens that I have given away throughout the year. In June, I made teacher gift bags and included 2 for each of NHL’s teachers (2), aids (2), and therapists (2).

I have been itching to try making a log cabin blanket, but can not wrap my brain around the pattern on my own. I can start it, but do not really understand how to add on the next rectangle. Last night, I decided enough was enough and I am breaking out of my shell. I asked people for suggestions on some patterns for a project and received a few great ones. This morning I finally settled on one, dug out my never used circular knitting needles (oy!), and some Caron Simply Soft Sage Green yarn and started on something new and exciting.

So, while the boys were playing  earlier I got everything ready. I cast on 168 stitches (yikes) and started to knit. Here is what I have done so far: 

Knitting on circulas for first time EVER

Knitting on circular needles was not bad at all. Still getting used to them, but it is working out nicely. The photo does not do the Sage Green yarn justice (really not mint colored). So there you have it, I am trying something new and feel great about it.

Have you tried anything outside of your comfort zone recently? I would love to know if you have. Oh, if you knit  please share any EASY patterns that you love to make. I have never made a hat, mittens and not really into socks, but you never know what I may try.


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  • Karen says:

    Great start! I love doing new things but I too struggle with getting it started. I have so many ideas in my head and they end up going nowhere. Funny thing is I started to crochet recently and started making Dish cloths! lol I have been dying to get a sewing machine and make God only knows what.

  • Kristen says:

    new projects are always fun!

  • sheila says:

    Good for you! I bet those feel wonderful on the skin!