1,001 Dalmatians -er I mean posts

Today is a special blogging day for me. I officially broke my 1,000th post mark. It took me two years and eight months to get here, but I did it!  Here,is a special cupcake just for you from Disney World. . . enjoy.  

Celebrating blog post 1001!

Back when I started blogging in February 2007, it was just an outlet to vent some about being pregnant with baby number two,as well as a place to write down memories. Now it is that and so much more. The Angel Forever has become a part of my life. I look forward to writing about my life, our family, places we go, and products we use. Thanks to opportunities over time, I also adore reviewing products and giving readers a chance with some fun giveaways (like this one).

Whether you have been with me through this 1,000+ post journey, or have just joined the adventure, I hope you enjoy your time here and continue to read. You never know what will pop up next, but I promise you there is never a dull moment in my little part of the world.

I love hearing feedback and getting comments, so please do not be shy.


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