100 Books and counting

Dear NHL,

On Monday, you went back to school and handed in your monthly home reading log. Going into October, you already had finished 82 books. Thanks to your love of reading, your books from October put you well over the 100 book mark. This is something that each first grader is supposed to do by June. You finished this goal in two months, along with your summer reading program titles. Way to go big kid!

Today, we went to the library again and took out more books. I love that you have such a variety of books on your list. Of course, having a reading teacher mother does not hurt. We have been experimenting with different genres and multiple authors. I love how you ask to read before going to bed each night. It is amazing to listen to a story being read to me by my own child.

Reading time

I look forward to reading even more books and seeing how many you can finish by the end of June before going to 2nd grade. Keep up the great work!




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