Shoes for Disney World and beyond

When I was teaching, I learned a tough lesson with shoes and my poor feet. I was young, naive and wanted to wear heels. I already knew that buying cheap shoes was not a good plan. I spent a little bit of extra money and bought nicer shoes that would make me a bit taller than my students. After my oldest son was born and I went back to teaching, my poor feet had had it. They no longer could tolerate standing for hours on end in the classroom in heels. I quickly became a creature of comfort. Aerosoles became my best friend since I could find them all over.

After our honeymoon at Disney World, I also knew that comfortable shoes at Disney were a must. Just before our trip in May, we went out to look for new shoes. The boys got new sneakers, hubby a pair of sandals and I got Teva. I was intrigued with Crocs, but nobody locally had any at the time for me to try on. My father mentioned that he loved his Teva, so I tried them on. My feet melted into them.

Totally Teva for me

While at Disney, I thought I would wear my sneakers a lot. My feet showed me differently. I was happier in my Teva. I wore them almost every day there and the entire summer. Putting them away for the fall/winter months has been rough.

Since the summer, I have fallen in love with the wide variety of shoes available from Crocs. I have a pair of their Sassari wedges, Nadia boots, LA Dodger (for around the house) and recently added the Juneau.

When the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration came up, I immediately started to think about shoes. What was I going to wear on my feet that would be practical not only for a conference, but also for wearing/walking at Disney World. I figured the Sassari may be good at night, the Juneau for during the day. Still, I wanted something else for Disney and beyond. While shopping at Kohls and armed with a 30% off coupons I bought a pair of Sketchers Biker’s – Step Up.

Want to see photos? Here are my shoes (sans sneakers) for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration:

Shoes for Disney

So I think I am all set. My only wish is that I could swing a pair of Crocs new Frances.

Crocs Frances

As much as I like the Sassari, I think the wider toe area on the Frances would make it more comfortable for me (high arch make shoes a pain to get at times). A girl can dream right of owning a pair – right?!

So what shoes do you like to wear at conferences? What about when you go to places like Disney World?



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