Trapped by the winter

Winter is here and there are days that I just feel trapped. Not only trapped in my house, but in my own skin. I can not simply pack up the little guy and head out to the park to enjoy some sunshine. For several months, the sky is gray and we hardly see the sun or any hints that it exists.

Bundling up to head out into the extreme conditions often does not feel like it is worth it. Instead, we stay in the warmer house and try to keep busy. I know that one of the things that will help me to feel better is to exercise. I think I am tired and feeling sluggish from lack of activity. My pedometer is back on and I see the lack of steps in my winter life. The reality is there. . . once again I need to Move it, Move it! It has less to do with helping in the weight loss department, and more for making ME feel better.

I need to stop worrying about my post H1N1asthma/lungs and kick it into high gear. I need to get back to where I was before we went to Disney World. I want to get sick of hearing Leslie Sansone and tune her out while walking and kicking 25+ miles a week. I need to find all of the EA Sports Active parts and moan/groan about how it hides squats and lunges into every nook and cranny of the work out. I need to walk/run in place while watching things on the DVR while wishing I had a treadmill or elliptical machine.

I want to stop feeling like this (a special thanks to my 2 year old model):

Tired at Target

I think if I get my rear in gear I will be more motivated to count my points and stick to my healthy living. If I don’t feel like sludge moving in slow motion perhaps my attitude will change. I know I need to do this for ME.

Excuse me while I go and find my workout clothes and dust off my Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVDs – Mama needs a work out pronto!


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