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Last week, we celebrated Earth Day on Thursday, but more and more people are trying to make energy friendly decisions in their homes on a daily basis. In our home, we are using at least 95% energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). We started off slowly, and then with time made changes in more of our rooms. These days, you can find CFLs that are made for three way light switches, fan lights and many other options. So much has changed with CFLs over the last few years alone and I am very happy with that.

CFLs for the Fan at our house

Thanks to Global Influence, I found out about a great program that is taking place in New York State. Shining Example NY is trying to help New York State residents to make the switch from regular light bulbs to Energy Star qualified CFLs.

Shining Example NY

Here is more information  from Shining Example NY about their program, along with the video and essay contest running until April 30th.

Right now, all over New York, people are becoming "Shining Examples"  of energy efficiency by changing all their old-fashioned light bulbs to ENERGY STAR® qualified CFLs that use 75% less energy, save money and last up to 10 times longer.

Our goal is to help New Yorkers reduce their energy costs, and encourage them to make changes at home that will help the environment. To spread the word, Shining Example NY is sponsoring a video and essay contest, and we are currently looking for more video submissions. We invite you and your whole family to become a part of this movement by submitting a video to the contest that demonstrates why you have made the switch, or are going to make the switch, to ENERGY STAR qualified CFL bulbs. Check out the great kid videos we’ve already received by going to, clicking on Enter our Video Contest and then click on View Entries.

Thanks to so many things going on recently, I have not had a chance to enter the contest. Still, I wanted to share the information with you. All you have to do is send in a 90-second video about how and why you have switched to ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs in order to save energy and money at home, as well as help the environment. Video submissions are posted to the Shining Example NY Facebook Fan page that has over 4,400 fans that have been featured on TV, radio and online advertisements in NY State.

What you can win:

Video Entries – Each of the ten video winner will be eligible to:

  1. have portions of their video appear in the Shining Example TV ad debuting in Fall 2010
  2. receive a FREE Comprehensive Home Assessment through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR to show where their home is losing energy and recommend way to help reduce energy usage  
  3. receive a FREE CFL bulb makeover for themselves and ten neighbors (up to $150 of CFLs per makeover).

Essay Entried – Each of the ten essay winners will be eligible to:

  1. have their essay posted on    
  2. receive a FREE Comprehensive Home Assessment through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR          
  3. receive a FREE CFL bulb makeover for their home

No matter where you live, I hope that you will make the switch to CFLs in your house. If you are in New York, please think about making a 90 second video and submitting it soon to help spread the word about the importance of using CFLs in your home.


Disclosure: I am posting this information as a public service because I feel it is important to get the information out to my readers. Global Influence is helping spread the word about this public service campaign.

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