A wedding we will never forget

Dear NHL,

It seems like yesterday, Memorial Day weekend 2006. It was a very special weekend for our family. Uncle I was getting married, so Aunt M officially joined our crazy family. You decided to make things more interesting. On the car ride to the wedding, I noticed something. Your eye was glued shut. *sigh*  This was the beginning of what we now lovingly call the Buffalo jinx!

Not only did you have pink eye, but the next day you spiked a really high fever. You were miserable and we were quite worried. Our doctor called in medicine for you (assuming you had an ear infection) so we could get you ready for the wedding. That weekend we became quite familiar with many pharmacies in the Buffalo area. Each time we had to do medicine, you fought us. You did not want to take anything, but we forced the issue.

On the day of the wedding, I was not with you much. I went with Nana to get our hair done. When I came back, you were running around the hotel room playing. As I was almost ready to leave, your temperature started to go up again.  I felt so guilty, but I knew Daddy would take care of you with Nana and Papa’s help.

The next time I saw you, you were dressed in your cute little tux. You had a job to do. The two of us were in the wedding and going to walk down the aisle together. You were so adorable, even with your ultra pink cheeks. It was two months before you would be three, but you took your job seriously. You watched over the pillow with the ring making sure nothing happened to it.

May 28, 2006

Then, the moment we will all remember. Uncle I and Aunt M were under their chuppah. The room was quiet listening to the rabbi reciting the ceremony. Suddenly behind me, I heard a familiar little voice loudly declare "I need to go potty!" Oy! Daddy took you out quietly to the bathroom, where you apparently had no business to take care of. The two of you came back into the room and sat back down. Seconds later "I need to go potty!" boomed across the room again. Thankfully this time around, Daddy kept you out of the room. Both times the rabbi was quick on his feet and made a jokes about how these things in life happen and when you have to go, you have to go.

That night at the reception, even while sick and heavily medicated, you danced like a super star. You loved seeing all of our family and spending time with them. I’ll spare you with a few details of what happened when we forced your medicine at the dinner table. Let’s just say we learned our lesson the hard way.

Why did this come to mind today? One very important reason is yesterday was Uncle I and Aunt M’s 4th Anniversary (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!), so it made me relive the day. Another is we are going to another wedding in a few weeks. This will be your second wedding and JSL’s first. Daddy and I already have a plan on where to sit so we can have a quick escape route just in case. You taught us a very valuable lesson at your first wedding. Now here is hoping that your second wedding is filled with healthy vibes, quiet little boys and is fun and memorable for different reasons. 




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