Lessons for the future – We will never forget

Dear NHL & JSL,

Today is September 11th. This is just another day to both of you, but for people like Mommy and Daddy, it was a day that changed the world we grew up in. Something pretty bad happened on that day nine years ago. When you are older, you will learn more about the specifics. Today, we remember the heroes that saved countless lives, and those that sadly lost their lives.

Most important today is to be able to show the world that people of the United States will continue on with life. We do not live in fear and will celebrate how our country banded together to support one another nine years ago today. Daddy and I will continue to teach both of you about other cultures and how important it is to learn and respect everyone within the melting pot that is The United States of America.

Twin Towers

We will never forget, but we will continue on and the reason we do is to teach other children like you tolerance and unity.




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