School Open House Memories

Open House at school is big this time of year. Kids help teachers to decorate their classrooms with their work/projects. Teachers stress about meeting parents. And yes, even parents get a bit worried about what to expect each year. I have now done Open House as a parent for four years This year, we went to one for each of the boys at two schools. We just went to the one at NHL’s school and saw his room, desk, work and lots of writing projects. Here are some of the things that we saw:

NHL's 2nd Grade Open House

My question to you this week:

What are some of your fondest memories of Open House at school – either as a child, a teacher (if you are one) or parent?



Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the linky there if you are participating.

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  • Tammy says:

    I can remember being so excited to show my parents everything that I had done. The schools nowdays where we are only host curriculum nights and then we go into conferences next month.
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Friends You Love Twitter Gala

  • kailani says:

    I always like seeing how clean and organized Kacie’s desk is. She knows I’m an organized person and always takes extra time to clean her area when she knows I’m coming to visit her class.

  • anna says:

    don’t remember much about it at all when i was young but i do love going to my kids’ open houses and seeing that side of them: how they interact with their teachers, other kids, the projects they work on at school. its like i’m spying on their school lives, lol.
    anna´s last blog post ..Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

  • Owen's Mom says:

    My kids are still too young for school, but I remember being so proud as a student to show off what I had made. Love the pics. I can’t wait till I am on the other end of Open House at school.
    Owen’s Mom´s last blog post ..Thomas Zip- Zoom &amp Logging Adventure

  • Deborah says:

    We didn’t have them when I was in School, but I loved seeing all the kids artwork when my kids were in School
    Deborah´s last blog post ..Response cached until Fri 24 @ 8:42 GMT (Refreshes in 59 Minutes)

  • Cuzinlogic says:

    I was excited about showing my parents any projects they hadn’t seen and also my contribution to decorating the classroom.
    Cuzinlogic´s last blog post ..Aloha Friday 21

  • sheila says:

    Mine are much of the same. I just felt very proud of my work displayed I guess.
    sheila´s last blog post ..Aloha Friday!

  • Kari says:

    Our kids are ages 17, 14, 12, and 10. We’ve literally been doing the “same” open house for about twelve years in a row now, LOL! Still, it’s always exciting for the kids to get to see their classroom and unpack all their supplies into their desks and cubbies. Our only daughter started high school this year, so that was something exciting for us.

    Happy Friday!
    Kari´s last blog post ..Aloha Friday – Whats Your Ride

  • Susan says:

    I actually think I will remember this years, which was yesterday. :)
    N was sick all day and they hubbie doesn’t get home till 630-7pm so I had no intention of going, I really didn’t think I’d get there in time.
    Hubbie came home a little early and even though N couldn’t go he still wanted me to go. So I took off my pjs in a flash ran out the door and paid his teacher a visit.
    As I walked in the door a little girl liked at me weirdly and said “Only the mom came??!?”
    As I was leaving I remembered that I had a half a glass of wine before I left the house, so I had “wine breath” So now I will be known as the “wino mom.”
    Susan´s last blog post ..Random

  • I love seeing Princess Nagger’s classroom and seeing all the creative thought that goes into some of the things they have on display. :)
    Stacy Uncorked´s last blog post ..Nicknames – Aloha Friday Follow Fun

  • Auntie E says:

    Wow I can’t remember them…. My daughter went to private school earlier and they did not have them. Then when she entered Public school, they had parent night. that was more of a sign up for this and that.
    I do remember a book that my daughter published and it was displayed in a kiosk.
    Auntie E´s last blog post ..Aloha Friday-A New Look

  • Harriet says:

    Really just seeing people and talking to people I don’t see that often.

    Have a great Friday!

  • Sue says:

    Last year I remember the kids in my daughter’s class had to write down who helps them and how. And kids were righting down stuff like “my Coach helped me hit the ball” etc.

    I really like what my daughter wrote. She wrote something like “My Mom always helps me.” I really liked that.
    Sue´s last blog post ..Alhoa Friday &amp Friday Blog Hops

  • This was my first time attending one for my son in Kindergarten and I was shocked at what he was learning. These are things he had already learned at home.

    I’m not sure what to think.

    I’m sure there are gaps to be filled in but I honestly thought he’d be learning more than what he already know. I guess I didn’t understand much about what they’d be learning in kindergarten.
    JamericanSpice´s last blog post ..Tight Spot – Aloha Friday-Friday Follow

  • Alysha says:

    since my little one isn’t in school yet I don’t have that memory with her just yet… but for me as a kid I always remember when we used to surprise our parents with fun loving letters and a cool art-type creation. AND then seeing the look on there face. Good times :)
    Alysha´s last blog post ..Sunday Citar