Graduations From My Past

I have a little secret. I never went to my two college graduations. As a transfer student planning a wedding, I had other items to occupy my time when I was finishing my undergraduate degree. When it was time for my graduate school ceremony, I was frugal and wanted to save the money for a fun vacation with my new husband.

Parents always think ahead about graduation moments for their children. I am no different. I dream about watching my boys in a cap and gown at the end of high school, but also college and beyond. My boys are young, so we have time to prepare for these bigger days. Still, kindergarten was a milestone for NHL. Just a few years ago, TechyDad and I sat in the school cafeteria to watch our oldest son finish his first year at elementary school. Some people may have cried as they walked their child into kindergarten the first time, I was more emotional at graduation.

Memories of Kindergarten Graduation 2009

I spent all that year calling NHL my Kindergarten Kid – and suddenly it was over. He was moving onto first grade and the more real side of elementary learning. He could read, write, and was learning about so many things. I even wrote about the poem that made me cry. To me, it symbolized the last day he was a little kid, he was moving up in the world.

May means that people are starting to think about graduations. College students are finishing up their tenure, high schools are starting to practice their ceremonies, and younger children will be moving from one school milestone to another. Although I do not need any graduation cards this year, many other may need some.

Tiny Prints Graduation

Now it is time to go. I need to cherish these moments with my children. Before I know it – they will be off to college and beyond!


Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a Global Influence campaign for Tiny Prints. By sharing this information with my readers, I will also receive a Tiny Prints gift code to thank me for my participation. No other compensation has been given.

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