More Than a Number on a Scale – National Bullying Prevention Month

Do you see those amazing words above this? They are the title of my post for a reason. They are the fighting words of WKBT News Anchor Jennifer Livingston. Recently Livingston received a horrid letter from a so-called viewer of her news show. The letter basically attacked her for being in front of the camera because of her size. Rather than run from this nasty attack, Livingston stood in front of the camera to face her bully and others.

National Bullying Prevention Month

Her message is absolutely beautiful and one that more people should listen to. It isn’t simply about weight either. It’s about what we are teaching our children. How do we want them to treat others, how will they handle the stinging words of a bully, and how will we do the same? If you have not seen Jennifer Livingston’s segment, please take a moment to do this now. I promise you the four minutes is well worth your time and will definitely make you think in another manner.

I think the bigger message here is not simply about weight (says the girl who can completely relate to this piece), it is about being kind to everyone around you. Thinking things through before you say or write something hurtful. In this digital age, it is far too easy to do something stupid and not be able to take it back.

In a society that is filled with people that judge based on visual appearance, we MUST stop this. Sure you may think you know the problems a person is facing, but do you? The smile on that mother’s face may be hiding a deeper pain or concern. Something that you can not see just by looking at her, or her family. When you see a child throwing a tantrum in a store, do you automatically judge the parenting skills of that individual. STOP!

Remember during National Bullying Prevention Month, and beyond, that if you do not know someone you can not judge them. There truly are so many factors that are invisible that people can not be aware.

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