Fun Times Making Slime

During the summer months, I looked to Pinterest a lot for ideas. I was searching for items to do with the boys if it was too hot, rainy, or to save for the winter months if we were snowed in. I pinned craft items, science items, writing items, books, and fun recipes. Most of the time, I would just pin them into a board so I could check back later. There was one instance when I immediately went out to get supplies.

In July, someone pinned Tot Treasures’ post about making Slime. I was in love with this idea. Both of my boys love playing with Playdoh, Silly Putty, and other similar items. So, I noted the two ingredients that we needed and bought them when I found a store that had them.

Supplies to make slime

For some reason, we never made the slime before the boys started back to school. This week, I really wanted to test it out since the kids were home for February break. Saturday afternoon, the kids were restless and it was raining outside. We tried a craft kit that I bought and it flopped miserably. Thanks to this, I pulled out the liquid starch and clear glue. NHL was very excited about this process.

Time to make slime

It had been months since I read the post, so I quickly went to Tot Treasures for a refresher. Basically, it is equal parts of glue and liquid starch. I say basically because we learned that is not always the case (had I read the comments again, I may have avoided the mistake). Making our slime

The process is really kid friendly, but sometimes you have to wait a bit for the glue to absorb the liquid starch (apparently humidity factors into this as well). If you put too much starch in, you can always add more glue if you have any more. If not, you may notice that the slime is a bit too wet and lumpy. It does not smooth out. We figured this out after the first batch of slime and made a perfect second attempt.

Batches of Slime

JSL’s second batch came out perfect. Meanwhile, NHL’s first batch was a mess, literally. We did not have additional clear glue to put into the mixture. So I went on a search for more glue in the house. I found a container of white glue and set to make him more slime. How did the white glue compare? Well, here is the result below.

Slime with white glue

TechyDad said he actually liked the consistency of the white glue more, even if it stayed a bit more sticky. The “recipe” noted using food coloring, but we opted to skip this step. Our goal was for fun without making colorful hands this time.  JSL also figured out a fun way of playing with the slime. ACHOO…

Slime sneeze

What did the kids think? Well, they played with the slime for almost three hours until we forced them to clean up for dinner. Creative slime time

Yes, they had fun laughing, playing, and being creative with their slime. After three hours, we packaged up the slime in containers and are going to see how it holds up for another day of play.

Have you ever made slime before? I would love to know your thoughts on this fun activity.

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