Knitting or Crocheting

It is no secret that I like to knit. Just sitting there and hearing the clicking of my knitting needles relaxes me. The more mindless the pattern, the better. Sometimes, I work on long term projects where I can just sit and knit, and knit, and knit.

Giant knit blanket

Yes, I put that on the bunk bed ladder to show how long an edge it. It is almost as tall as I am already. Of course, sometimes I knit something a little different to keep my neck warm.

Potato Chip Scarf complete

While I love to knit, I am super jealous of my friends who are crochet masters. It really intrigues me. I have learned to crochet in the past, but it did not stick. I knew that I really needed to watch a video, get some yarn, and my hook and learn that way. Thanks to Emily at ColoradoMom, I used her tutorial for a refresher (see the pin below).


So, I tried to crochet again while listening to Emily. After a bit of trouble with my hands being used to a knitting position, I kind of figured things out.

Learning to crochet again

At this point, I am going to keep practicing single crochet and then move forward. Then, I will ease into learning patterns and more. Who knows where this will go.

Do you crochet or knit? I would love to see what you have made if you have photos or patterns to share.

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  • Erica says:

    I crochet. My grandmother used to knit the most beautiful sweaters, but I was never able to catch on. In high school, I took a textiles class with a friend and learned how to crochet. Somewhere on Jolly Green Mommy there are pictures of some of the things I’ve made. I mostly use the free patterns on Lion Brand Yarn’s website.

    Actually, now that I think of it, I started a blanket for my cousin’s new baby before we moved and now he’s almost 6 months old. I should really finish it. ;-)

  • Nikki says:

    I love how the blanket is coming along and the scarf is adorable. I am going to kidnap Emily at Type-A this year and make her teach me. Honestly? I CAN crochet but I can’t count and turn my stitches so everything (my edges basically) is every uneven when I am done.
    Nikki´s last blog post ..Stay Together: Tuesday Tunes

  • I crochet & knit actually. I started by learning to crochet, then decided to pick up knitting too. Crochet is my go-to, but I go back and forth and use both for different projects. Good luck learning crochet. I’m sure you can do it. It’s not that hard to figure out once you have the basics down. Plus online videos help a LOT!
    Sarah – PS Mom Reviews´s last blog post ..Johnette Downing “Reading Rocks!” CD

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