Tuesday Tales – The Passover Lamb

Spring time in Jewish households means that families are getting ready for Passover. This not only means ridding our homes of chametz, but also preparing for our Seders. Each year, our boys love to read about Pesach and get ready to sing songs and celebrate. Thanks to the PJ Library, JSL recently received a new book in the mail.

The Passover Lamb

The Passover Lamb – Written by Linda Elovitz Marshall – Illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss – Random House Books for Young Readers – January 2013 – ISBN 9780307931771 – 32 pages – Ages 6-9

The boys and I had story time to share this new Passover tale together. Before we began, I pointed out the fact that the book says it is based on a true story. This intrigued all of us as we began to read. We meet Miriam as she is feeding chickens. She is singing the Four Questions in Hebrew as she does her work. The boys loved that a line of the song was included in the text. This seemed to spur them into thinking about some singing before our Seder.

As Miriam is moving through the barn, she notices that Snowball the sheep is missing. When she finds Snowball, she can see that the sheep is in trouble. Of course, the great mystery is solved when Snowball gives birth to two little lambs. When Miriam’s family heads to the barn, they notice something else on the other side.

Baby lambs are born before Passover

Yes, another baby lamb was found and Snowball is not accepting this poor little one. Miriam is quite upset and does not want to leave the baby lamb. Unfortunately, if they stay they will not be able to go to the Seder with their grandparents and other extended family. Miriam comes up with a great solution.

Miriam and the Passover lamb go to the Seder

The story of Miriam and her love and need to help baby lamb Moses by Linda Elovitz Marshall is beautiful. The illustrations by Tatjana Mai-Wyss capture the tale in an inviting way. We instantly are part of Miriam’s world and want to cheer her on as she helps the baby lamb. The book has lessons that are great to start family discussions and possibly extended projects. My boys really enjoyed the story and were eager to read the author’s explanation about the real life even with her family and their farm.

What Passover books do you like to share with your family? Please share what you have read recently. Be sure to link up to your book posts in the comments below. Include something you read on your own, with a child, or someone else. Tuesday Tales are all about spreading the love for books.

It's Me

Disclosure: My son received this book as a members of the PJ Library. Membership in our area is free and we are never expected to review/write about this, I simply wanted to share a new book with others. An Amazon Affiliate link is included in this post for the book mentioned. I will receive a percentage of money for the sale should you opt to buy the book through the links.

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