Israel Bound and Making Aliyah

When I was little, I loved spending time with all of my aunts and uncles. I have a lot of memories of special times with each of my parent’s siblings. My mother’s brother showed me how to swim and dive at my Nana and Papa’s pool. My mother’s sister lives in California, so time with her was more about seeing my cousins and playing with them since they were older than us. My father is the oldest of his siblings, this meant that my brother and I were the only grandchildren for some time. This allowed us even more moments that I can remember before my younger cousins came into the world. My father’s sister introduced me to the VCR, concert watching, crafting, and a lot of other things. Dad’s brother and his wife would come to visit and take me out alone. When my little brother was little, I recall them taking me to a pizza place, teaching me to play Pac-Man, and introducing me to The Polk Street School books.

Old School Photo

I remember seeing their wedding photos from England (Aunt A is British) and hearing stories about their times in what is now Russia. Even back then, everyone talked about them moving to Israel. It was never a question of if they would, more of a when it would happen. I remember when they moved back to the United States with their family and settled in Pennsylvania. We were able to see them a lot more and watch my cousins grow up. Then as I went into teaching, I would talk to Uncle J about things because he is an educator.

Years have passed and all of my cousins are grown up now and three of them are already living in Israel. In fact, one is getting married in under two weeks. About a year ago, Aunt A and Uncle J announced that they were indeed moving to Israel during the summer of 2013. This meant extra special family gatherings before they were on their way. Over Independence Day weekend, they came into town and we gathered at the lake. Just before they left for home, I got a picture of the boys with them. Though I know we will see them, it will not be as often and I wanted this photo for my kids.

Before making Aliyah

NHL and JSL adore spending time with Aunt A and Uncle J. They have so much patience and understanding of children. Uncle J helped NHL in the pool over that weekend and he still talks about it to this day. JSL loved playing games on the floor with Aunt A.

I wanted to take this time to say Mazel Tov to them on making their dream a reality. This week, they flew to Israel and made Aliyah. Wishing the two of you the best as you get to know your new home. Please send our love to everyone and take lots of photos of H & M on their wedding day.

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