Goodbye My Friend

Saying goodbye to a couch

Who knew that it would be so hard to say goodbye? Yes, I am talking about our old couch in the photo above. Thursday evening we set it outside on the curb and much to my surprise I stood there with tears rolling down my cheeks. While it may seem just just an old couch, it apparently means a lot more to me than I expected.

Goodbye Couch

You see that couch with the squishy cushions and spring that had sprung was more to me than a piece of furniture. It was filled with memories of years gone by.

  • This couch was something that TechyDad and I picked out right before we got married. It was our first purchase together. Little known fact, I used money my Nana and Papa left me to buy this and other items that we got when we started our life together.
  • I was sitting on this couch reading the sixth Harry Potter book when I was nine months pregnant with NHL. I stood up because I was uncomfortable and felt a pop and whoosh! Yes, my water broke and the big kiddo was on his way into the world almost twelve years ago.
  • Countless hours were spent on this couch nursing both of my babies. My rear went numb at times, but those snuggles made the couch my happy place.
  • Over the years, I watched the boys grow up on this couch before my eyes. They would nap, snuggle, bond, and yes even wrestle each other in this very location.
  • Almost every year, we would scramble to take photos of the kids for our New Years cards on this couch. We would often dress up the area with a blanket, stuffed buddies, or something else.

Goodbye old friend

In the end, I know it was time to say goodbye to my old friend, but I will miss her. Of course, I am also excited about our new couch coming this weekend and making new memories. Now, who wants to help me alphabetize the list of rules for the kids?

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