Distance, that’s what separates many families from one another. Family is Forever














This is nothing new to me, but right now it seems very different. For my entire life, part of my extended family has lived in California while we are here in New York. Over the years, we have missed many things being across the United States from my aunt, uncle, and cousins. We would see each other most summers when they would come and visit my Nana and Papa. I also recall our trek to California for Cousin M’s Bat Mitzvah.

As we got older, got married, and started our own families, we have connected more online than in person. I have missed several weddings and births because of distance. We have not met my cousin’s children yet, but the boys know who they are. We all gather around the computer to see photos of J, I, E, and A as they grow up. It’s bitter sweet watching everyone grow up from a distance.

Distance also gets in the way during times when you want to be there to hug, support, and help family in a time when they need it. That time is happening right now and it sucks. There are no words. I simply wish I was with my family in California because I feel helpless sitting here in New York.

Since I am unable to be there, I am trying to recall memories from over the years. Moments captured in my head and in photos. Times where we celebrated, laughed, and enjoyed our time together. My hope is that these things helping me now will help my California family in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

I will simply say that cancer sucks and so does distance.

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