Sparkles and Valentine’s Day Nails

For years, I had given up on manicures. No matter what I tried, they did not last and it was frustrating to me. I wanted to have pretty nails because it reminded me of my Nana. I used to spend hours helping her with her beautifully manicured nails. Nail polish would chip and literally pop off my finger nails shortly after they dried. As the mother of two boys, I don’t have little girls asking me to polish their nails so I mostly gave up.

Thank goodness I was introduced to Jamberry nail wraps over the summer. Since that time, I decided to become a Jamberry Independent Consultant. For my birthday nails, I decided to channel my inner Elsa. After two weeks (<—YES, they really lasted that long), I removed them and decided to use my November host exclusive that was festive and full of sparkles.


I quickly fell in love with the way the sparkles on the wraps would shimmer and shine. I even used a photo of them with a snowman cookie for my Merry Christmas image on Instagram.


The funny thing is, I am already thinking ahead to what I will put on my nails next. I can’t wait to try some of the other Jamberry wraps that I have purchased like these:

Different Jamberry Nail Wraps

So many possibilities and now there are even more options since Jamberry just released fun new wraps for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter.

Jamberry Spring 2014 Holiday Designs

What is your favorite new design? I truly love them all and can not wait to see what other new items they add in the months ahead. Message me if you are interested in trying a sample, want to host a party (you earn FREE wraps), or place an order.

It's Me

Disclosure: I am a Jamberry Independent Consultant and paid for my own starter kit to sell these products. If people purchase items from me, I will earn money for my business.

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Charged and Ready to Capture the Holidays

#VZWBuzz Disclosure

The holidays have changed a lot since I was a child. Now, most adult members of the family have smartphones so they can snap photos and record precious moments on the go. Of course, this is great until you realize the red line on your phones battery is glaring at you. This means you have to stop and make sure to recharge your phone. During this time, you may miss a magical family moment. All of those photos that you shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond zapped the battery.

Chanukah with the Droid Turbo

Enter the Droid Turbo.

This power house of a smartphone takes the Droid line to an entirely new level. My first smartphone was a Droid Bionic, so I am constantly amazed with how the phones have grown and changed over the years. No matter where we find ourselves this holiday season, the Droid Turbo has kept up with our needs. Recently, It saved the day when we left our camera at home during Thanksgiving.

The Droid Turbo

Droid Camera Action

This Droid smartphone has a camera that adjusts beautifully to different levels of light and motion. A wonderful item to have when you are trying to keep up with cousins running around at Thanksgiving, a holiday concert, skaters during Disney on Ice, and Chanukah candle lighting. The 21-megapixel camera means that we can print memories from the phone without worry. Oh and no need to waste a moment getting the camera ready, just flick your wrist and the camera comes alive in an instant. What has been most impressive this holiday season has been the flash on the Turbo. It has a dual LED that keeps color more true to life and helps us to avoid odd shadows that are common with smartphone flash use.

Celebrating the Festival of Lights

Super Charged Turbo Battery

The last thing you want to do when you are celebrating the holidays is pause to charge your phone. The battery life of Droid smartphone have always been top notch, but the Turbo outshines all of it’s predecessors.

Battery on the Droid Turbo

Yes, the Droid Turbo is a dream come true with a battery that can last up to 48 hours! We have never waited that long to test it, but it easily handles an entire day of holiday celebrations and social media shares without requiring recharge. Of course, for those times when it does need to charge, the Turbo is FAST. When using the Turbo Charger that comes with the phone, it can juice back eight hours in just 15 minutes. So even if you need to charge in an emergency, the time is minimal so you will not miss too much of the festivities.

What would you be able to accomplish this holiday season and beyond with a Droid Turbo? Don’t forget these are just two of the amazing features of this smartphone from Droid. More about the phone coming soon.

It's Me

Disclosure: As a member of the Verizon Lifestyle Bloggers, I receive devices like the Droid Turbo to test out and share ways that I use it in my life. I am a long time Verizon customer, and all opinions are my own.

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Tuesday Tales: Pickle Weasel Picture Riddles

Pictures of pickles dance in our heads thanks to the extremely talented author JC Little. JC is known to  many as The Animated Woman and we have been fans of hers for quite some time. When JC mentioned that her third book was being published, I could not wait to check it out. We love the Pickle Weasel app and were excited to see this familiar pickle face in a book. We received a complimentary Kindle copy to check out the interactive features.  Of course, there is also a paper version of the book, isn’t it pretty?


One of the fun features of the Pickle Weasel app is the picture riddle area. Now, Pickle Weasel comes to life in this book to get your brain grooving to figure out what the green super star is up to.

As you move along in the book you can try to guess what each picture riddle is about. I decided to share this screen capture because Fezzes are cool, especially on Pickle Weasel.

Pickle Weasel Picture Riddles - page

Not sure what the riddle is about? No worries, JC has included fun clues to help readers out.

Pickle Weasel Picture Riddles - clue

Did you figure it out yet? Here’s the answer:

Pickle Weasel Picture Riddles - answer

This is just a teaser because there are 100 additional picture riddles in the book with Pickle Weasel featured in them. Yes, the book contains 101 illustrations and riddles for readers to enjoy. Here is another quick taste since JC said I could share a few with my readers.

Pickle Weasel Picture Riddles Book

I definitely recommend this book to adults and kids that like picture riddles. The fun illustrations will keep you turning the pages to see what Pickle Weasel is up to next. I know I am saving this book to keep the kids busy when we take our next road trip.

Pickle Weasel Picture Riddles by JC Little

What would you like to see Pickle Weasel doing if you could request JC to draw something special? Remember to keep it PG rated because this is a family blog. As always, Tuesday Tales is all about sharing our love of books. Please let me know what you have read recently. Be sure to link up to your book posts in the comments below. Include something you read on your own, with a child, or someone else.

It's Me

Additional posts I have written about JC Little and her talent:

Disclosure: As noted above, I received an eBook copy of this book from JC Little to review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Planning a Bar Mitzvah

From the moment my oldest son was born, there were milestones that we had to think about. First was his bris when he was ten days old. Since we knew we were having a boy, we were able to plan a bit ahead of time for that.

Next up, was getting NHL ready for school. PreK and kindergarten came quickly and required school adjustments along the way. Of course, he also started going to Hebrew School.

Then, as we eased into elementary school the focus shifted toward getting ready for middle school. While that was a major priority in my mind, there was always something else making my thoughts race at times.

Bar Mitzvah Time Traditions

Middle school means getting close to the teen years. This is a huge milestone in the Jewish religion. Boys start to focus on their Bar Mitzvah preparations at about the same time. Hebrew school is not enough and shortly individual lessons with members of the clergy will begin.

As NHL turned eleven this summer, I knew the two year count down was on. Of course, with my internal count down and major denial shaking it off, I had to embrace the reality check. His birthday seemed to signal questions from some family and friends. They wanted to know if we had a date, time, location, and other details to share.

No, we were hyper focused on getting the kiddo adjusted to middle school. The here and now trumped something two years in the future. In passing, I spoke with the rabbi about it and he told me to get in touch after the high holidays.

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the rest of the autumn holidays came and went. Denial was strong.

We have talked to NHL about his Bar Mitzvah. He has preferences and has made it clear that he does not want certain things to happen. He has also made a specific request.

A reality check happened shortly before Thanksgiving.

I saw the phone number of our synagogue pop up on my phone. What I was not expecting was our cantor to be on the line. *GULP* It was time to talk about his Hebrew Birthday. That is the magical date that is the first day we could even consider having his Bar Mitzvah.

My brain was racing and TechyDad was still at work. I was not expecting the call, so it caught me off guard a bit. In the end, we found out the first day in 2016 that is acceptable for us to consider. We also know a day that someone else has selected that is out. What I never thought about was the likelihood of needing this big day to be right at the start of the school year. It now appears that we will have to think about juggling a Bar Mitzvah with the start of 8th grade.

While I am sure NHL will be ready for this big day (whenever it is), I am not sure that I am ready for the planning, saving, and chaos that go together.

If you have planned a big event for your child, like a Bar Mitzvah, how did you tackle it? One thing we have decided is to keep a lot of details quiet for as long as possible. We do not want disagreements to pop up like they did with our wedding

It's Me

FYI, if you were curious about the picture above, that’s a photo of my father when he had his Bar Mitzvah.

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Channeling My Inner Elsa

Tis the season for lots of festivities, activities, and chaos. It all started here the night before Thanksgiving when our ten year old oven decided to make a loud pop and sparked. Au revoir Mr. Oven and hello Black Friday weekend appliance shopping. When we went to the store, they told us that it would not be delivered for over a week. The date was my birthday, but there was an event that evening that complicated things a bit more. They promised me that the oven would be here before I had to leave to get the kids from school.

Channeling My Inner Elsa - Let It Snow

TechyDad took two days off of work to do some deep cleaning with me and to spend oven delivery day at home. What we did not anticipate was an ice storm wrecking havoc on our entire area Tuesday. It took TechyDad almost an hour for a round trip to the middle school that typically take 20 minutes. When he got home, he said there was no way we were going back out to take the little kiddo to his school. An hour into our delivery window, the appliance store called. There were complications with the storm and we understood. If we were not flexible with the delivery time, we would have to wait until the weekend. We told them we would work with it.

Picking up the big kiddo from school was not too horrible for TechyDad. It was raining and the temperature was just above freezing. The event for the evening was still on and we were waiting for our oven. As I waited, I decided to do my nails with new Jamberry wraps. Yes, the photo above was my selection. I thought they were pretty and would be nice for the start of Chanukah next week.

What I didn’t expect was the nails to create a Frozen land making me feeling like Elsa. Just after I was finished we could hear ice pelting up against the house. We also noticed an hour had passed since the delivery truck had called saying they would be to us in about 20 minutes. When I went to greet them, it was a mess. There was sleet, freezing rain, and snow! The two men from Cocoa’s Appliance were fantastic and professional in a really bad situation.

When they left, we decided to eat dinner and assess the situation outside when we were finished. In about 30 minutes, everything had glazed over and the car was completely encased in ice. There was no way we could get to the event. Our new oven still had to warm up before it could be used. TechyDad made me some mini-cupcakes in our little cupcake maker and they had a theme to them.

Frozen Birthday

We stayed inside the warm house and tried to forget about everything else. Of course, I laugh that it has hardly stopped snowing since I put my Let It Snow wraps on my fingers. If I get some tropical Jamberry designs next, will that work too?

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the winter? Around here, it’s definitely when Elsa does not give up. Quite honestly I want to let it go and NO, I do not want to build a snowman!

It's Me

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