Home sick – day 2

I decided not to rush back to work today and stayed home. My fear is that if I push it too much I will end up in the hospital. The memories of how sick I was when I was pregnant with NHL flashes back like it was yesterday. I had a horrible respiratory illness that caused such coughing that I actually broke a rib. They were very close to putting me in the hospital at that time and I don’t want that to happen now.

I napped most of the morning and then after eating lunch felt a little better. I just wish I had some energy. Just going to refill my water glass or walking to the bathroom makes me exhausted. Right now I want to sleep again since my head hurts.

On that note I am off to sit back and feel the wiggle worm flipping around. He’s been kind of quiet lately. I’m sure the coughing and what not wasn’t making his little world too nice either. On an interesting note, Sunday when I was pretty sick we may have come up with a name for the little guy. Stay tuned for more details in May ;P

C’est Moi
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