Sick day

Yesterday was pretty much a wash. I barely did anything all day since I had no energy, ached horribly, and couldn’t stop sneezing/coughing. I slept a lot during the day and then had a few munchies before passing out while watching Super Bowl commercials. When I went to bed my temperature was two degrees higher than it normally is, I had chills, and my entire body hurt.

I woke up at about 1:30 and knew any fever I had was broken. This morning I called in at 6:00 and told them I wouldn’t be in and would e-mail my lesson plans for the day. By 6:40 I was done with the plans and NHL was up and getting ready for nursery school. By 8:00 the boys left the house. I gave up calling the doctor offices since I was coughing and asked JL to call for me. He was so sweet and did. First he called the OB’s office that deferred him to the GP. This went back and forth all day. I finally lost it late this afternoon and cried to a secretary at the OB’s office telling her I felt like an orphaned patient that nobody wanted to help.

In the end the nurse came on the phone and told me a few things to do, but that rest and hydration was the best thing for me. She told me not to rush it back to work, but we shall see how I feel this evening. I don’t think I could do a day at school while hacking my lungs out and being so stuffed up. If I wasn’t pregnancy I could combat this with an artillery of medicines to cope. Now I’m just stuck with little or nothing that is helping.

I am off to rest a little longer before the boys are home.

C’est Moi
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