Waiting for results. . .

Yesterday I went and took the 3 hour glucose test. The actual test wasn’t as bad as I remembered from when I had to take it with NHL. I really think the new glucola helps a lot. Still I was pretty shaky and queasy right in the middle of the test. This time I was able to read and concentrate more than I could when I took it 3 years ago.

I have bad feelings about the test though and don’t expect to get good news when I call in a little while. I know it’s not the end of the world to have GD, it’s just another PITA thing to have to deal with. Why couldn’t the rest of this pregnancy just be calm? After the whole Downs Syndrome scare I think it’s the least that should happen, but why would there ever be a dull moment?

Oh well. I will post later on when I have the official word. It may be much later since I will likely be crying. Plus, NHL is home today trying to rest up (he’s really congested) for a big weekend with my brother and SIL. He’s SO excited to see Uncle I and Aunt M. Now I’m just hoping that the Buffalo jinx isn’t spreading to when the people from Buffalo come here.

C’est Moi
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