*sigh* – 1 hour test results

Yesterday morning I went to take my 1 hour glucose test and had my regular OB visit. The little guy was extremely active thanks to the vile amounts of sugar that I had to consume for the test.

I was told to call my OBs office this morning to get the results. When I was pregnant with NHL in 2003 I failed by 3 points and had to do the horrible 3 hour test (those memories are still VERY fresh). This time I asked if I could just skip the 1 hour and go to the 3 since a lot of people who fail the 1 hour do fine with the 3 hour. I didn’t want to have to deal with both tests. They wouldn’t allow me to, but told me I could do the testing about a week early so it was over my vacation to allow time in case I needed the 3 hour test.

So this morning I called to get the results. The receptionist told me that nobody had seen the paperwork yet, but it wasn’t good news for me. She told me that my number was 153 and their cut off is 140. I broke into hysterics on the phone with her. I’m so ticked off since it means another time to fast (and feel lousy)- this time from midnight to almost noon. I already told JL that I will not go to this alone, so he will take the day off to go with me. It’s a good thing he worked Monday and has the day to use now. Now I’m waiting for the nurse to call me back with the official word and to tell me what if any options I have.

C’est Moi
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