I HATE this house!

Last night was miserable (as noted in prior blog entries).

At 2:00 I woke up and was having horrible hot flashes (in a 62 degree house). While awake I got a cramp from hell in my ankle/arch of my foot that wouldn’t die. I was in tears crying from it. Then I was hungry and couldn’t breathe again. I had some cereal and finally at 4:30 I used my inhaler again. This caused my heart to race, but eventually I was breathing well and fell asleep.

Prior to falling asleep I told JL that I heard water dripping in our bedroom. Did he listen to me. Not really . . . . GRRRR! Last year we woke up to flooding in our bedroom and bathroom one morning thanks to ice damns that had formed at the bottom of our roof. We knew that we had them again, but were hoping it wouldn’t do anything this year.

No such luck. I was just heading back to bed to rest for a little while (3-4 hours of sleep isn’t a lot). I get in there and I look up in the spot that had water last year and sure enough there are water droplets. I lost it! I can’t stop crying and am SO angry. JL is heading to Home Depot to see if he can buy a ladder to get up and break the ice damns on both sides of the house. Meanwhile he has a small bucket catching water up in the attic where he was able to see it coming in. *sigh*

Thank goodness the in-laws canceled their visit in today. I could not deal with that. As it is other people do not understnad about this mess and keep telling us to call roofers. It isn’t the roof, we need more insulation to stop the damns from forming. And last time when we didn’t know what the leaking was from we called a TON of roofers and not one ever called us back in the emergency situation.

Now I need to get through this day of “fun” just to have my 1 hour glucose test in the morning.

C’est Moi
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