32 week visit with the OB – *gasp*

Who knew?! I actually saw the OB today for my 32 week appointment. I think the last time I actually saw a doctor was the last few days of December as a follow up to my amniocentesis. I love this doctor, she’s the best. She was my favorite last time and this was my first visit with her for this pregnancy. She sat and talked with me about a bunch of different things, not just pregnancy related.

She told me that I’ve had a boring pregnancy and there was really nothing to report today. My BP was amazing, weight fine (I saw my chart and I think I’ve officially gained a total of 10 pounds since I went in for my 1st appointment), no sugar or protein in my urine, and the little guy’s heartbeat was strong and he was kicking her as she tried to find it. We talked about when I should definitely tell work that I have to stop teaching. She told me that my May 1st date or there abouts sounded good. She did say anything could change that, and they all know that at school. The good news is if I stop the Friday before May 1st, my permanent substitute is set to begin May 3rd, so I’m getting them really close to that date. Basically she feels I can work to 37-38 weeks if I’m comfortable and no health concerns crop up.

We talked about the size of the little guy. She told me that he’s a little bigger than the average 32 week old, but again not alarming. She said if I go to 40 weeks he would likely be about 8 pounds (NHL was 7lbs 10oz). She isn’t concerned with that, but did say they would likely check in with another ultrasound at 36 weeks to make sure. She won’t commit to anything about inducing and feels at this point there’s no need – just to wait and see what my body does on it’s own.

I go back in 2 weeks and will see the NP again since the doctor I need to see if on vacation that week and the following one. Since I saw the OB today and there’s no concern they were fine with me seeing her. Heck, I’ve seen her more than anyone else there in the practice!

On that note I best be off to save a 3 1/2 year old that is testing his daddy!

C’est Moi

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