My “kosher” kid!

Yesterday morning we took my parents and went to a pancake breakfast that was a fundraiser for the students that I teach. It was a wonderful experience. The kids really worked and I believe they learned a lot and it was a great team building experience.

Of course NHL loved all of the attention the girls gave him. He thought it was great, especially the bacon that JL and I allowed him to have. He’s so used to the soy stuff we weren’t too sure what he would think. Oh well, he wasn’t following a kosher diet anyway at nursery school, so he’ll live! Here’s a photo of NHL showing off his bacon:

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After that we went back to the rents house where my little brother, Uncle I was waiting for us. A traumatic event followed where poor NHL had to wash his hand that had a boo-boo bandaid on it and it fell off. I head him from the other room and knew it was related to the bandaid. Well he was in full hysterics. JL and NHL came into the room where we were all sitting and Whiskers (cockatoo) screamed and made Noah go off the deep-end. So NHL actually asked to rest on the floor with daddy since he was tired. Here’s a photo of the sleeping boys:

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On that note I am off to get ready. Uncle I and Aunt M are coming over soon and we need to all get dressed and clean up a little around here.

C’est Moi
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