Name that mystery rash!

After dinner tonight NHL was sitting at the dining room table coloring and I was working on some vocabulary lists for my classes. For one reason or another I looked up and noticed a rash on his neck. As I looked further they were behind his ear, on his face, and on his hands. JL came in and helped me to look further. With screams protesting our every move we saw tons more on his stomach, back, and both legs (his poor belly button looks awful). They are all over his body!

Needless to say, being in my 3rd trimester an unidentified rash scares the you know what out of me. I called our doctor and he said to give NHL benedryl and to be cautious and stay away from him just in case. So, right now we’re trying to calm him down and see what happens. Depending on things he may or may not be going to school tomorrow (it may just be hives after all). All I know is he gotten very itchy and it in a FOUL mood. My parents just came over to look at it now and NHL seems happier in a cool bath.

Requesting a dull moment please!

C’est Moi
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