Rash update and VERY sick NHL

From earlier today: JL stayed home with NHL today to take him to get seen at the doctor. Apparently they did not feel that it is anything viral since there are no other symptoms. Now we need to figure out what is causing this so-called allergic reaction. NHL was put on an antihistamine to try to help with the symptoms for now since Benedryl just knocks him out. Hopefully we won’t see this happen again. In thinking about items that may have caused this we wondered if it had anything to do with the painting they did at daycare. They just moved the kids back into the room earlier this week. We shall see what happens and how we can try to figure everything out.

From earlier this evening: Things are NOT going well with NHL. Tonight he’s been complaining more and more about hurting. Eventually he went to the couch and started whining. Now he’s in complete and total hysterics. He’s been screaming that everything hurts for 40+ minutes now. I called the emergency doctor number since his hands were swelling really badly and radiating heat. He’s so exhausted, but we’re afraid to let him sleep since his eyes were rolling back funny (again it may have been since he is so tired on top of all of this). I just have thoughts of when he had his febrile seizure and stopped breathing. *sigh*

Update from now: After giving NHL the benedryl that the doctor told us to do and cooling him off some he’s zonked out on the couch. We thought we were heading to the ER, but the doctor said to give it 40 minutes to see if he would calm down at all. He’s snoring and sleeping now, but he looks so miserable. I have a feeling it may be a really LONG night and we could end up in the ER. Below are some photos of things.

NHL’s face earlier this evening.
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A not so great look at his tummy rash.
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Hands starting to get red, swell and radiate heat.
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In hysterics.
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Almost asleep.
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As I was finishing this up NHL just woke up and is in hysterics again. *sigh*

C’est Moi

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