The Rash Saga from Yesterday

Friday morning NHL seemed so much better. The rash had lightened and the little guy wasn’t swollen at all. We decided to let him try nursery school and ask them to watch for anything and to call us immediately. Since we were convinced that the culprit of this entire allergic mess is somewhere in the classroom or center we wrote a note to his teachers and the director to give them a heads up.

JL just went to give NHL his Benedryl again at about 11:00. On his way there he received a call from daycare saying that something was up with NHL. By the time JL got there NHL started to complain that his legs hurt. He would NOT let anyone near him and was screaming again. I left school and eventually met the boys home. When they arrived I was able to get his pants off (with lots of screaming, hooting and hollering). Since he was so much better in the morning our guess is even more focused on something at daycare triggering him to get worse. We got the message from our doctor to take NHL to the ER immediately and to have them update with information.

We arrived at the ER at about 2:00 and got back into our car at about 7:40. The doctor there said it definitely looks like an allergic reaction, but he is worried about the swelling in his knees and other joints (one blood test came back slightly elevated that was related to that). They said that the likelihood of it becoming an anaphalatic reaction was slim to none with such a HUGE skin reaction. Of course he did say it could happen, but very unlikely. They also said they didn’t feel the need for steroids and just to use lots of benedryl and to call our doctor tomorrow. So we’re going to call him at one point today and will bring up a few things and demand a referral to get into an allergist ASAP next week. My biggest concern is why it’s so much worse at daycare.

Now it’s time to figure out lunch for all of us.

C’est Moi

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