Is it too much to ask for this damn infection to be gone? Apparently it is. *sigh* Sunday night I was in the ER. I was told to go there by my doctor to get someone to look at it. We were there for almost 5 hours. I’m not complaining about the time, except that I specifically asked why they were not doing a culture on it to see if they could figure out what was causing it. They claimed that they couldn’t since it was only surface ooze. What BS! They told me that it was likely a MRSA and put me back on Clindamycin AGAIN.

Well, a certain someone I know wasn’t happy with this and did a culture on it. So now I know what the underlying issue is. The problem . . . without a sensitivity screen on it the doctor won’t be able to do anything since I’m allergic to so much and pregnant.
I’ve been crying for almost an hour. I just want this stupid crud to be gone and not to need more medicine. I’m sick of feeling like this thanks to useless medicine and I want this to be gone for good. My fear is I will still be battling this garbage when I’m delivering the baby, no less recovering from childbirth. Heck I’ll likely be on antibiotic when the baby is born. Thanks to experiencing that with double mastitis, I know nursing baby + antibiotics = bad news!

I’m so upset. I did what I was told. I went to the ER, I asked for what they should have done. They didn’t do it and now I may be forced to sit and wait until I’m done with this round of poison and let the infection flare again before they will be able to do anything.

Today just stinks and that’s putting it mildly. . . I won’t even go into the horrible new about my grandfather now.


C’est Moi
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