38 Week visit/update

Things have been crazy lately and I haven’t had time to post here. I was going to try at night, but haven’t had a chance to do it since I’ve been sick in the evening. I have been really dizzy and horribly nauseous with heartburn to boot. Last night was the worst, add in BH contractions that kicked me in the butt. I was convinced we were going to head to the hospital. Plus I felt the little guy engage (however that didn’t last too long). I never had to go to L&D, but it did make me practically pack all of my hospital bag this morning.

My mother took me this afternoon to the doctor for my 38 week visit. I lost some weight this week, no protein/sugar in urine, my BP was high for me, but within normal range and his heart rate was great. The doctor agrees with me that some of the stomach issues are from the double antibiotic therapy knocking my poor GI tract. She also looked at my thigh and said it’s closed and looks better, but it isn’t cured. The color can let her see that there is still something going on within. *sigh*

We talked about how the way I was feeling is exactly the way I was before my water broke with NHL. Here’s the deal. . . my water broke the night before I was 38 weeks –> which is tonight in this pregnancy. So the doctor decided to do a pelvic exam, OUCH! Since last week things have started to move along. Rather than nothing, I am not 1 cm dilated. She managed (much to my horror) to get his head and that made the big guy bounce. She told me that had he been engaged now she would have contemplated breaking my water, but can’t now. She said he’s just too high and floating. If she did it she would risk the cord going down before his head and blocking the birth canal. So it’s a waiting game to see how my body does with things.

On that note I am off to rest before heading back to my family’s house for the evening.

C’est Moi
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