Busy Saturday & Shiva period over

Yesterday we opted not to go to temple since we weren’t feeling so great. Instead we went on some errands to get a few things just in case the baby appears soon. We ran around to several places and had lunch out as well. After that we went home and got NHL to take a nap.

Can you tell he was a little tired (after finally giving in to a nap)?
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Here’s NHL after we woke him up with a camera in his face:
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Late in the afternoon I wasn’t sure if my water broke. I finally came to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t and life went one . . . with constant phone calls inquiring what was going on. So here I sit more pregnant than I ever was with NHL and miserable since the longer this goes and bigger the little guy gets the more unlikely I will be to deliver without a c-section. *sigh*

I was drained and actually went to bed before 8:00. At about 10:00 my mother called joking about bringing me some pineapple. I was sleeping, but woke up with the phone. JL came in to see me and told me I was leaking. Unfortunately it wasn’t the exciting kind, this just required nursing pads and a bra along with a change of night shirts since I was soaked. The rest of the night I was in hip agony. My one hip was killing me no matter what I did.

This morning we all went to the last minyan before Shiva was over. Talk about pressure to deliver and have the baby NOW. Everyone needs to remember that I have NO control of this and it’s all the stubborn little guy’s fault that is within. He was officially served his eviction papers last night, so it’s totally out of my hands! And we’ll make the bris work, so everyone can stop pestering since that’s all I’ve heard for the last week from various people.

Right now NHL and JL are outside planting flowers. The key this year was to get and use the bunny spray. Last year a family of bunnies kept eating anything and everything that was growing. This year we have the non-toxic spray that bunnies do not like the smell/taste of and will stay away. Hopefully it will work since NHL is going to be very upset if nothing grows.

Here’s a photo of the boys outside:
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On that note I am off to rest, I am just too drained to clean or do things for work.

C’est Moi
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