More mommy & baby troubles

Yesterday before JL went to work he helped me to put a big band aid over my thigh to cushion it since it was pulsing and throbbing and hurt to walk (guess the antibiotic was pushing this crud out quickly). Anyway, it was on all day and was bothering me, but at least a little more comfortable.

Early in the evening JL and NHL were heading out and I asked for help taking the band aid off so I could take a shower while they were gone and JSL was sleeping. I opted to do it while on the couch. Well as it came off the sucker burst and was bleeding all over the place. Ugh! The pressure was relieved, but ICK! So my shower was postponed while we cleaned up the mess and put the drawing salve onto it. Today it looks a lot better, smaller area, and the crease of my thigh isn’t as inflamed as yesterday. Still I’m trying not to be too pessimistic, but I so fear ending up in the hospital on IV antibiotics. . . no less needing surgery to clean the area out completely. *sigh*

Add to it another wrinkle to the family. Yesterday I told JL that I didn’t like the way JSL’s circumcision area was looking. I thought there was a white looking line forming. Sure enough this afternoon during a diaper change it looked a lot worse. JL saw it and agreed it was looking infected, so I put a lot more bacitracin on the spot directly, wrapped it and put in a call for the doctor about 20 minutes ago. *sigh* Poor baby – between that and not wanting (or possibly being able) to nurse from me or suck from the better low gas bottles, he’s been a mess. Right now he’s sleeping peacefully on the couch. Tuesday I just may pursue getting more information about his tongue to see if it will help with the troubles he’s been having. An update to come later when we know more from the doctor.

C’est Moi

Update: The doctor just called me back. Apparently he couldn’t hear my phone number and had to track it down. He doesn’t think it’s infected (no fever, drainage, or raw redness), but wants us to do a few things to help it. He also said to call if I’m still concerned about JSL not eating and he wants to see him about the tongue tie.

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