3 Week Check up

Today is my mother’s birthday and she just happened to have the day off. She went with me to take JSL to have his 3 week check up. It was really important to me since the day after our visit (a week ago) JSL figured out how to nurse. He’s actually only had a bottle 3-5 times since then.

When we were called back we were called back by the nurse that I do NOT like. I didn’t say anything. She had me undress JSL to do a weight and length check. She measured him at 20 1/4 inches – just 1/4 inch growth. WTH? I knew something was up there since he’s outgrown some of the smaller in length clothes already. Then for the weight check. It was less than his birth weight – mid 8’s or something like that. I quickly questioned this and she tried it again, barely 9. I was not happy. When the PA came in for the check I told him I was not happy. He was not either. At the end of checking JSL he had another nurse come in. This time JSL’s stats seemed a lot more on. He was 21 inches long and 9 lbs 7 oz. . . which is 2 oz more than a week ago (and 8 ounces up from birth weight).

Everything else checked out great with the little guy. His next well visit is at 2 months (5 weeks from now) and both of us are having a shots that day. I am having a DTaP as well since it’s been so long since I’ve had one and I really need the pertussis since I was never able to have the shots when I was little since it caused such a violent reaction.

On that note I best be off JSL is staring to stir. Here are some photos of the little guy from today:

Sleeping on the bed after a nap with Mommy:
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Sleeping once again after the traum at the doctor (note the bib):
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C’est Moi

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