Favorite/UNfavorite Things

From one of my mommy boards (something to keep my mind occupied while JSL sleeps):

Favorite Things:
Music: Rock
Dessert: Carrot Cake, Cheese Cake, and Cookie dough (take or leave the ice cream)
Laundry Soap: Tide Free
Computer Game: Zuma
Sport: Hockey – is there anything else?
Cleaner: Fantastic and the Lysol wipes (or generic ones)
Car: Love my big red adventure mobile
Color: Almost anything – just not orange or brown
Underwear: Victoria’s Secrets cotton high cut ones
Chocolate: Not a huge chocolate fan, but like Cadbury (especially the mini eggs at Easter time)
Toy: Loved Light Brite as a kid and my cabbage patch kids
Shoes: My Sketcher sandals that were ruined when my water was broken and leaked on them (still not sure how to clean them)
Place to Eat: Pizza Uno or any location with a good salad bar
Yahoo Group: All of my Mommy ones!

My UNfavorite things!
Music: Rap
Food: Cooked peas, ham, and Poi
Color: Orange
Movies: Barney
Soda: Don’t really drink soda, but orange soda is nasty since my glucose tests when pregnant the first time.
Housework: Cleaning the bathrooms thanks to boys that need more target practice.
Social Situation: Awkward silence in a group of people.
Day: Monday’s a rough
Work: When it’s parent/teacher conferences or report card time
Shopping: Getting a swimsuit
Frustrating Thing:Doctors that don’t listen to patients – GRRRRRR!

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