Another storm, tree down & even more flooding!

Tonight JL and I were taking the boys to my parents house to head out to do some packing. Well, as we went out the door it started to rain. We bolted to the car. BAD MOVE! We should have turned around and went back into the house. We got just to my parents just as the sky opened up. We sat in their driveway for a good 15 + minutes while it dumped water and hail on our car. The wind was SO bad that my van shook. UGH!

Finally we decided it didn’t look like it was going to lighten up and to slowly drive home. I couldn’t go up the block since a huge tree limb was in the middle of the road. Every way I went there were flooded roads and trees down. Well we made it to our block and saw our next door neighbor’s tree down. It barely missed her house. We pulled into our driveway and eventually bolted into the house. I nearly fell. My flip-flop got stuck in the mud and JSL nearly went flying in his carrier into mud along with me. Thank goodness JL came running to rescue the baby. We got into the house dried off, calmed NHL down, fed JSL and assess things. Of course our damn basement was flooded again. My father is giving me the name of a new person to contact with the city to complain to. I’m just sick of this crap.

Here are photos that JL took of the tree right next to our house that was clearly FRIED by lightning







Unreal how close it was this time. The poor beautiful tree., but at least nobody was hurt.

C’est Moi

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