Stitches H-E Double Hockey Sticks!


Yesterday NHL stayed home to have his stitches out. Thank goodness Aunt S came with us. It was horrible. Since the doctor was the ONLY one in he was over 45 minutes late. That combined with nap time made things horrid.

NHL flipped when he took the bandage off, so you can imagine the horror in actually removing the stitches. A nurse came in to hold his head still, I had his arms and body, and Aunt S had his legs (poor JSL was crying in his stroller during all of this). Now the tricky part. Every time NHL screamed at the top pg his lungs his chin moved. Try taking a stitch out from a moving target. It was unreal.

When the stitches came out I wanted to cry. It still looked horrible. I wasn’t sure if it looked any different 5 days later. I think it may not be as deep, but it was still very open. *WAH* My poor baby has a nasty scar thanks to negligence at daycare – GRRRRRRR!

So we have sterri strips on it to keep the skin together. No pool or sprinklers for a while. I am so angry. I know accidents happen, but this SHOULD and COULD have been prevented.

On that note JSL and I are off to get my car inspected. Will post more later about the house scare last night.

C’est Moi

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