Why does this always happen?

I woke JSL up this morning to head to get an oil change and inspection for my car. I knew that my tires may not pass inspection since 3 were originals from four years ago and the other just replaced after the accident. JSL and I went to hang out with dad who works there and about an hour later the man from service comes by. I immediately knew it wasn’t good. If my car is simply ready he calls dad for me to leave. I said to my father “Oh shit, P’s coming that isn’t a good sign”

Sure enough once again car goes in for something easy and 3 hours and $355 later I leave. Luckily one part that was dead was covered under my extended warranty. That means I only had to pay $100 deductible instead of $300 – so the bill could have been $555 + labor for that part. This reminded me that my car had been bucking when I shift from say drive to reverse. Sure enough these are the root of it. So, I’m lucky they caught these before something bad seriously went wrong . . . like when we go to visit Uncle I and Aunt M in a short while. That would not have been cool.


C’est Moi

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