That’s it I now officially quit the month of July. I am now going to skip it entirely since it seems to have bad things happen every year.

2004 – NHL had his febrile seizure end up in ER & Moose passed away
2005 – Mom had a really bad car accident and hasn’t been the same since.
2006 – We were in a car accident where our van nearly flipped over (we were up on two wheels at one point) – JL, NHL, Mom and I were all together.
2007 – NHL goes to the ER again TODAY!!!

I had just gotten JSL to sleep after nursing and was going to do some cleaning and work for my online computer course (taking 4 this summer). The phone was ringing and it was JL. I knew something was wrong. I simply said hello and asked what was wrong. He said the nursery school director just called. NHL was running in the bathroom (where clearly nobody was watching the 3-4 year olds . . . a fight for another day) and flew into the wall and split his chin open. So JL was heading there to take him to the ER next door (the hospital where he works) for stitches.

I got myself ready, pumped milk to take and tossed JSL into his carrier to go. We got there are NHL was triaged. They figured he needed 2-3 stitches and he was flipping out. They took him in and explained they were giving him a medicine via mouth to calm him down. Them a cream on the cut to numb it up. NHL was in my arms after the meds and within 3-5 minutes he was talking really slow and he was all floppy. It’s amazing medication. We now know just how clearly he can talk when he slows down to enunciate things.

Since it was under his chin I did not demand a plastics person to stitch him up. A PA and nurse took care of him. They put him a papoose since we knew he wouldn’t stay still (he won’t be 4 for about a month). He was “hugged” in it with his buddy that I brought from home (smart mommy thought ahead). He got us once. Right after being put in, he was really quiet and smiled – little turkey got a hand out. We all got a laugh out of it.

He was really good after the first stitch – needed 3 of them. They come out next Tuesday, which means we don’t have to debate his field trip (taking 3-4 year olds to a pool – I don’t think so). We stopped for lunch to take home and now he’s resting in his bed watching a DVD (still there from when he was sick this weekend). Thanks to the meds making him trip over his own two feet he’s not to walk.

Now I’m trying to get JSL to sleep. He’s nursing half asleep as I type. He needs a nap. I need to get him unlatched to check the big guy.

Is it August yet?

C’est Moi

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