Sick Hubby & Shopping fun!!!

JL stayed home sick today – got the bug going around the center. NHL wanted to go to nursery school, so I took him in this morning and came back home. JL took a very long nap. During this time JSL slept some, got up nursed and went with me to my old school to get some things in classroom that were still there. We were also meeting someone at school to pick up Rescue Hero things that her sons no longer wanted. After that we went back home for more moo time. JL was up and feeling much better by this time. He helped me with a diaper change at one point and had fast flying breastfed baby poop heading out with no diaper on JSL. Fun cleanup followed including the carpet we just got in that room. . . . and two of NHL’s coloring books were tossed.

At 4:00 I went to pick NHL up and JSL stayed home with JL thanks to the rain. NHL had a good day. JL said it was okay for NHL and me to go do a little shopping. So we went to two fun stores to search for Swaparooni things. Wow are there a lot of blue and brown things out there. NHL had fun helping me. I bought a bunch of items to add to the things I already purchased. Now I just need to get a few more odds and ends. I’d tell more, but I can’t since a certain someone reads my blog – Hi C I read your blog too! :)

Now I’m home for more Moo-time . . . ’tis my life as a paci-booba-fier!

C’est Moi
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