4 years ago tonight .. .

I was in the hospital in labor. At about 9:00 that Saturday night I was sitting on the couch reading the new Harry Potter book while Pretty Woman was on the television. JL was working on his website. I was half reading since I figured I had 2 more weeks to read before the baby was born. I guess NHL had other plans. I got up to stretch and felt a pop and a gush.

Yup, you guessed it…my water broke. JL said he’s never seen a pregnant woman run so fast.

I flew into the bathroom and he followed me there to see what was going on. He called the doctor’s number and they instructed us to head to the hospital. Once I got there I was only about 1 cm dilated and my water had indeed broken. My parents met us there and were so excited since it was the birth of their first grandchild. At about this time (11:00) everyone left and JL and I were told to walk around to see if it would help my contractions to come more regularly.

Unfortunately this did nothing so I was told to rest and see how things were in the morning before they did more. I opted for no medicine at that point.

In the morning they checked and I had made no progress. I was told I had to have pitocin since my water broke and the risk of infection increased with time. So silly me opted not to have an epiduralright away. BIG mistake that I didn’t make with JSL.

The pitocin was started at about 6:30 and by 10:00 I wanted the epidural. The contraction were horrid thanks to the medication making them worse. They finally found someone to come (another woman couldn’t have it anymore). Thanks to the epidural they were able to crank up the pitocin. Within 40 minutes to an hour I was finally progressing. 10 minutes after they checked me I felt pressure and the urge to push. They didn’t believe me, but looked. Sure enough I was 10 centimeters (from 3) dilated and ready to roll.

Little did I know, but the doctor didn’t think I would be able to push the baby out. I sure showed him. In less than an hour at 1:17 in the afternoon on August 17th NHL was born.

A look down memory lane:

Minutes after NHL was born.
NHL is finally here!

Popeye NHL.
It's Popeye NHL

My favorite photo of the little guy with his tongue out.
NHL loves to stick out his tongue!

Peacefull baby NHL.
NHL sleeps in his Pack N' Play

NHL visits with Papa and Poppy Sol.
NHL visits with Poppy Sol and Papa

Uncle I meets NHL (My baby brother is going to be a daddy soon – Whoa!)
NHL cuddles with Uncle I

Nana gives NHL his first “bath.”
Nana gives NHL a sponge bath

NHL is so TINY in his big crib.
So tiny in his BIG crib

Ah, the memories. Now my little NHL is a big boy and going to be 4 tomorrow. Here’s a photo of him now (please excuse the cookie face):

NHL 2 days before his 4th B-day

C’est Moi
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